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Thursday, July 7, 2016

After Quitting and Now

From my previous post, i saw about me making my decision to quit from my degree in Applied Science. Well, I did. I quit and now i am now in Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying. It was a surprise to know that i am actually accepted to UiTM for the second time after i quit my first halfway degree. Thank you UiTM. I am now in my second semester, still in the first year. hahaha.. okay, not funny. You see, the thing is, most of my classmates are younger than me. no, not most. All of them. hahahaha.. Its been months since my last post. So, its kinda awkward to write everything in full sentences and in paragraphs. So, a little warm up should be okay. I will definitely try to keep up with me blog writing. As I really love to read back my older posts. Hahaha.. very entertaining to see the old me. Oh my Gosshh... my older posts are full of crap! Mostly about guys. I was young and very much attracted to men(daaaa of course, im normal), and because of that, i am now allergic(dont really sure the right term to use) to guys. It is not that I dont like them or what. But, whenever they tried to approach, i feel, emmm... uneasy? Hahahaha.. whatever.. i guess i should actually work on my career. The older, the wiser? well, maybe, a bit.. Hehehe..

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